Thursday, March 12, 2009

Maharjpur, The Unknown Neighbour

When 3153 UP Gour Exp left Rampurhat station leaving us on one platform, on the day before Dol Purnima the morning light was yet to come. After getting fresh in the waiting room and having the day's first round tea, we occupied seats in an almost dark compartment of the local train for Sahebganj. The length of vacation being very short, the health of the wallet being thinest possible,we had no other choice but to select a less known small village at the Bengal -Jharkhand border.

We reached Maharajpur rail station at about12 noon and then reached the forest Bungalow after a trail of 15 mints. The compound could accommodate few football ground! The bungalow consisted of two extra large rooms with a canopy of Sal, Teak, Jarul, Sisoo etc trees. The floor was coated of a couple of inches dust, probably the place got visitors after years!! So we had to clean the room first to make it a little comfortable. There were no furniture at all in the rooms. The chowkidar brought straw for us, which produced a wonderful bed on the floor within few mints. Then we decided to have a bath in the river(The Ganges).

Next morning we started exploring the area. Small hillocks were all around the railway track.The whole area( from Rampurhat to Sahebganj) is under famous Rajmahal Range and made of basalt and modified rocks. Hot kachouris, Jalebis and tea constituted a nice breakfast. Local tribal peoples were engaged in collecting woods in the jungle. They earn their bread by selling these in the local market. In the mean time train for Rajmahal arrived. From Rajmahal station we took a tanga for only 100 rupees.

First we visited the "Singhi Dallan" which was bulit bya Mansingh at arout 1600 A.D. An excellent view of the Ganges is available from there. Though the three storied building is struggling for existence, a few wonderful Mughal Painting were carrying the last symbol of it's glorious past amidst the ruins. But few so called tourist had catalysed the destruction process by en curving there names on the paintings. Then we visited the "Jumma Masjid". On the way the Tanga driver showed us the ruins of an old mint. Around the Masjid there are mines of china clay. Though the horse was there to carry us, but the road was so horrible that we had to pull and push the cart several time to place it on the track from the mud!!. At the end we drove towards "Kathghar". The entire route was covered with stones of shapes and colours like rice, daal, wheat etc. According to the myth the local land lord once denied to give food to a poor bhramhin beggar. After that all the food grains of his kingdom became petrified. A small temple of Lord Krishna is there.We came back at the Bungalow at around 2 p.m.

Following the chowkidar's suggestion, next morning we went for a 4 km jungle trek to visit a tribal village and a falls. The entire region was blood red due to the fully blommed Palash and Shimul trees.

A very thin stream came from almost 80 ft to a small lake. Local people told us this becomes furious during July - August after few rainy days. We took a prolonged bath ,came back to our bungalow to spend our last night there.

From Kolkata, Rampurhat by 3153 UP Gour Express. From there Maharajpur is accessible by Sahebganj Local. Otherwise Barhaora by Danapur first Passenger or Mujaffarpur Local, then Maharajpur or Sahebganj by local trains.

Shelter & foods

Though few hotels are available ast Sahebganj, but travelling from Maharajpur is better, because it is "pocket friendly". In 2001 the tariff of the whole forest bungalow was Rs.24 (not a type error!). The local shops around the railway station will make food for you if requested. Very simple veg food...Plz don't expect luxary is food or lodging in this place, you'll then be utterly frustrated. This place is not for those who want every comfort like those of luxurious resorts at every tourist places.


  1. A new place I've come to know as a weekend tour, it is a well coverage.

  2. Thank you. I have no hesitation in saying that it is my incapability that I couldn't depict the actual picture, I couldn't produce the description of the beauty of Maharajpur with my limited vocabulary.

  3. Nice blog I must say...the narration style is pretty good...Expect to see more photographs.

  4. Thnk friend. Actually I didn't have any digital cam then, so, putting photo needs scan... a real trouble for me ...