Friday, March 20, 2009

Rupkund : The deadly lake (Part VI)

On 4th Oct , 2000 we started right at 7.25 in the morning. though the trek route was almost flat, the chilling cold posed a lot of problems. besides this, all of us was suffering from slight breathing problem due to high altitude. But after walking a km or so, the body gain some temparature, so the hardship became a bit tolerable. River Rupkini took the role of entertaining us by the music of her flowing water. The trek route was engraved between the Kalidak glacier on the right and Chanoniakot on the left. After a while we reached a turn with a dangerous steepness. Ranjit told, Seshnag could reach upto here and here he lost his nose and returned back. The route became worst after thst turn, there was no actual route mark at all. We had to climb the last one km or so almost straight!. At last , at around 10. we reached Rupkund (16300ft). A gigantic bowl descended from a almost plane land -- this is Rupkund.There was not a drop of water in the lake, only boulders and snow. On the other side, Giunargali pass ascended straight, parts of which was hanging on the lake as overhang. Few skeletons of the old pilgrims,who died in this route were kept near a red flag. Though Rupkini river originates from this lake, we couldn't find the origin from there.

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