Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Rupkund: The deadly lake (Part V)

Paththarnachuni onwards, the notorious climb of Kailuvinayaka starts. We completed it at around two to reach Kailuvinayaka (14117 ft)and saw a beautiful stone idol of Vinayaka. The local people believe that a person who can't lift the idol, is a weak person, hence Himalaya doesn't permit him to enter the Rupkund region. We were very interested to test our ability to know whether we'll be able to go Rupkund or not. But before touching Ganeshji you must remove your shoes, so all of us hesitated. Then our porter Gabbar lifted the idol as our representative. `We followed almost plane road to Baguabasa. Snow line starts from here, we saw some ice patch scattered here and there. I heard about "Bhramhakamal" as the main attraction of this route, but found not even a single flower. Only few demolished remains of the plants was carrying the symbol. Our guide explained that the pilgrims of Nandajat took away all the flowers. We reached Baguabasa within in few mints. In fact there were nothing special excepting two caves,even camping was not possible there due to rocks. So we moved on, In no time we reached "Rani ka Sulera" which means labour room for the queen. Yashodayal constructed a labour room for his pregnant queen Ballava. After trekking 15 mire mints, we reached "Hunathar"(14500ft) and pitched our tents there. In Garhwali, 'Hunia' means ghost and 'Thar' means place.They believe that the unsatisfied spirits of the dead trekkers and pilgrims wander here. It was complete white out when we reached there but just before sunset we got a wonderful view of Trishul, Nandaghunti and Choukhamba.

View of Himalaya from Huniathar

After sunset a terrible wind started, which produced a peculiar weeping like sound in the valley. I realised why the place had been nabed as Huniathar. We got the coldest night of the route there.

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