Tuesday, December 30, 2008


After my proposal, it took only 5 minutes to take the decision. Our motor bikes shouted in joy, "vrro..o..oo……mm” and we were on our way to Mandarmani. Two bikes, four crazy friends and international standard NH 6, the perfect match to celebrate a weekend. Keeping the indicator around 90-100 km/hr we reached Kolaghat and took the lunch break.

Next stop was Chaulkhola (via Kontai) where we had to leave the main road. A horrible drive of 12 km ended when we reached Dadanpatrabar, the entry point of Mandarmani. The roaring sea, golden sky and the dying light of the dusk was waiting for us to give a wonderful welcome. We the “crazy four” started to drive along the largest beach of India, at the sunset, it seemed as a dream. The day’s journey ended when we took shelter at “Hirak Jayanti” resort.

Mandarmani has always been just a small village of some fishermen in East Midnapore. Few scattered huts of the fishermen, some dykes for prawn culture, long, flat beach, endless tranquility and peace--- this was Mandarmani in short. Slowly, by courtesy of some local businessmen and tourists, it drew the attention of the media and now Mandarmani is a well-known name in Bengal’s tourist map. It’s main attraction is the mesmerizing beach and the prevailing peace and calmness. No entry for the madding crowd, irritating hawkers and photographers like Digha, the most popular beach of West Bengal. Even the resorts maintain a considerable distance between them. Electricity is yet to come. One can rediscover himself here without any interruption. It is an ideal place to spend a couple of days to restore energy for new struggle.

All the resorts have their own multicuisine restaurant serving see foods like crabs, prawns, fishes and typical Bengali food and Kolkata-style Chinese cuisine. Green coconut water is sold by the local farmers. You can get a variety of alcohol from the shops near the beach and the bars of the resorts.

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