Monday, March 16, 2009

Rupkund : The deadly lake (Part III)

Leaving Wan behind, we started walking uphill, and after a short trail, reached Ranakdhar (in Garhwali dialect DHAR means narrow place on a mountain). A slice of Mt. Trishul was visible from there. If one stand there facing Trishul, Baidini bugiyal will be on his left and Ali bugiyal will be on his right. Taking rest was unavoidable, so a we took a 'Glucose break', then started trekking again, this time downhill. We crossed river Nilganga over a gorge bridge.Ranjit told us that the origin of river Nilganga is Baidinikund ,our day's destination. After Nilganga, the real trek started. Continuous climb through the dense alpine forest (mainly pine and a similar tree whose local name is 'Surai')led us a small flat place at around 4 in the afternoon. Our guide explained that during Nandajat the Doli of devi is placed here to allow the pilgrims a break. Thats why it's name is ' Doliadhar'. A room without any wall serves as the temple. Ranjit and the porter lit some agarbatti, offered some dry fruits and started again for the last round of difficult steep ascent.

Final ascent to Baidini Bugiyal

At last at around six, we reached the green field of Baidini (12500 ft). Mt Trishul, bathing in the magical light of the setting sun welcomed us. Within half an hour, our tent were pitched, and we enjoyed a memorable sun set with hot coffee mug in our hands.

Our tent at Baidini, Mt Nandaghunti & Mt Trishul peeping from behind

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