Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rinchenpong again ( Part I)

It was in the month of February, this year, when I planned to revisit Goumukh with my family, including my aged parents, and arranged to and fro tickets, and other things. My earlier trek to Goumukh was about eight years back and was very tightly time bound with a hectic expedition schedule. So, I was very excited about this trip, as I might spend sufficient time in every nook and corner of Gangotry and the entire trek route, photographing The Himalayas and life within it. But just 15 days before our departure, some professional responsibility and family problem took entry into the stage to spoil the whole game. Though I some how managed to resolve my professional problem and could get my leave sanctioned, nothing allowed my parents to leave the station. So, I had to cancel all the tickets with a broken heart.
The extreme hot, humid weather of South Bengal and a pre approved leave were constantly pinching me to go anywhere in the Himalayas. But alas! No ticket was available towards Haridwar. Smelling a chance to get some tickets to N.J.P, exploiting “Tatkal” quota, every morning, from 8, I glued myself in front of my P.C. But, as every net user in India now knows that IRCTC site surprisingly becomes “unavailable” between 8 and 8.45 everyday, one could only book his using this site ticket when all the tickets are exhausted and tickets are issued with a ‘waiting list’ mark. I booked those waiting tickets twice and cancelled just before the preparation of final chart, realizing the fact that there was no chance to get confirmed berths. Third time I got WL 3 and felt a bit relieved because that had a fair chance to b3 confirmed. In the mean time, the brutal murder of Sri Madan Tamang and subsequent political turbulence at Darjeeling made me a bit hesitant about going to Darjeeling, Kalimpong, Lava, Rishyap etc. So I decided to visit again the West District of Sikkim, my all time favorite. Though I returned from Rinchenpong a month ago, though I knew that it was raining heavily there, yet again I was on my way to Rinchenpong on 27th May with a mindset “ ok, I’ll just relax and enjoy Manson in Himalayas in Rinchenpong”.

Occupying confirmed lower berth of Darjeeling mail, I took out my mobile to inform my old friend D.K of Hotel mount view about our sudden trip and requested to book their lovely Room 252 for us from 28th May onwards. Though he had already allotted that room to some other guest on 28th, D.K. assured me that he will arrange some alternative accommodation for them and I’ll get my favorite Room No. 252 on my arrival at Rinchenpong

We, after crossing so many hurdles in our journey from N.J.P station, reached Rinchenpong on 28th afternoon and boarded in Hotel Mt. View for the next five days.

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  1. Thanx alot my dear friend.
    We went there on 11th of october,2010 and boarded at Hotel Mount view. The view of Mt.Kanchendzongha from the roof of the hotel was really unforgettable .We stayed there for 2 days and made a short trek to Resum Monastrey, Rinchen Monastrey,Rabindra Smriti Van and poison lake.

  2. Thanks a lot!! Your blog helped me a lot. Recently visited this part of Sikkim.