Sunday, December 6, 2009

Rinchenpong: The unexplored Sikkim

Rinchenpong is a small village in West Sikkim at an altitude of nearly 6000 ft. Literally means "Assembly Place" in Lepcha dialect. It is a place for the people who love tranquility and so always search serene places, far from the madding crowd. The clear view of majestic Himalays, fresh air free from car exhaust, lush green forest, chirping of less known birds must fill thier mind for long .

Few hotels are available in/around Rinchenpong market. Among them Hotel Mount View, Hotel Rinchen, Norlah, Nest are most popular. Tariff ranges from Rs. 500 to Rs 1500, depending upon season and rush.

On the way to Rinchenpong from Jorethang

Sunrise at Rinchenpong

Inside the Rinchenpong Monastery

Rinchenpong kid

Village life at Yongsum village, 2 km trek from Rinchenpong Bazar

Panoramic view of Himalays from Rinchenpong


  1. When did u visit Rincenpong? December? How cold is the place? Does these Hotels have room heating arrangements? I am asking these questions as me and my family are planning a trip during late-Jaunuary this year.

    Asish Das

  2. Hi!
    When did travel Rinchenpong? This December? How cold it is during winter? Does the Hotel u mentioned have room heating arrangement? I plan to visit late Jan this year. Hence these questions. Any idea how much a taxi will take if we hire a full cab from NJP/SNT Stand? The water fall at pic, beautiful, what is its name? Thanks

  3. Thanks a lot Asish. I visited Rinchenpong thrice in last 11 months. I have been there in last Jan end ( 24th - 31st Jan 2009) also, so experience of that trip may help you. The winter is not so cold, room heater is not so important then. But during that time weather remains foggy almost all the time, so view of majestic Mt K is a matter of luck.
    Direct car would take 2200 to 2500 INR from NJP

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  6. Tomar Chobi gulo khub bhalo laglo...Waterfall tar nam ki?

    Moromi Roy

  7. Thanks mate for sharing information, photos are awesome. That is my next destination.