Wednesday, October 7, 2015

New Attraction of Ravangla , Sikkim

Ravangla ( or Rabangla or Rabong) had long been a popular tourist destination of West Sikkim. The tranquil and serene ambiance , the dust less blue sky, the smoke free cool breeze , the warm hearted local people, the chirping of Himalayan and sub Himalayan birds , the mouth watering Tibetan food, the list of attractions goes on.

But recently one huge inclusion  to this list has increased the importance of Ravangla  in the tourist map of Sikkim manifold . The Tathagata Tsal is the new attraction of Ravangla in recent past. Developed on an area of 20.6 acres , having a 137.2 foot long statue of Lord Buddha attracts not only the Buddhists, it gets a steady inflow  of people belonging to all religions and countries. Actually it has been undoubtedly successful  on uniting religion and tourism. 

The Tathagata

Built at a altitude of 2139 meters , this park is covered with lush green carpet , stone paved super clean paths make unique visual abstract patterns, if seen from a high angle. Nine different countries presented  nine sacred relics of Lord Buddha, which have been installed under the statue of Lord Buddha.

A 8 shot stitched panorama of Tathagata Tsal

Life history of Lord Buddha is and painted  on the base temple below the statue. There is a museum as well inside the park which is open to general visitors on Buddha Purnima only. His Holiness 14th Dalai Lama inaugurated this park on 25th March 2013 on the auspicious occasion of 2550 th birth anniversary  of Lord Buddha. The roads from Ravangla market upto this Tathagata Tsal has also been reconstructed and broadened to facilitate communication. Light and sound shows are performed on Saturday and Sunday evening.


Decorations o the entrance

Tathagata Tsal In Magnet:

 Name: Tathagata Tsal.
Location : Rabangla or Ravangla , Sikkim
open time: 9 a.m
closing time : 6.30 p.m (summer ) and 5.30 p.m ( winter)
Entry fee : Rs. 50/- ( As on June 2015)
Light and Sound Show : Saturday and Sunday evening
Distance from Gangtok : 65 km
Temperature: 18- 220 C ( Summer ) and 5- 120 C ( winter)
Contact : Asst Director ( 09434864840) 

Reconstructed roads near Tathagata Tsal


  1. beautiful place, amazing pictures... thanks for sharing Sumit :-)
    Cheers, Archana -

  2. Thanks a ton Archana for your appreciating words . I am honored

  3. Awsome ... feeling the fresh air and chanting of buddha mantra... Lord Buddha is one of my favourite lord or subject... so thank you for sharing this experience so beautifully!