Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Patna Bird Sanctuary: an ignored potential ( Part II)

                                            Sarus Crane

Situated at 27031'N and 78019'E, the notified area of PBS is only 108.86ha. It comprises of a natural fresh water shallow wetland , called Patna Jheel, along with agriculture dominated landscape.

                                           Egyptian Vulture    
          In spite of such a small area, more than 200 avian species have been reported, almost half of which are migratory. During winter months , the population of Northern Pintail, Common Pochard, Gadwal, Northern Shoveller, Garganey becomes more than 1% of the bio geographical population of these species. More than 200000 winged beauties decorate the water with their multicolored feathers.  

                                      Pied Kingfisher
           Even summer months with upto 470 C temperature do not make this area lifeless. When most of the nearby wetlands dry completely, the Patna Jheel becomes a refuge of large number of Sarus Cranes. 

                                          Blue Bull
          In addition to different avian species , mammals like fishing cat, jackals, jungle cat and large number of blue bull , amphibians like cobra, pit viper, krait , monitor lizard, porcupine , turtles and 252 species of plants including 24 aquatic plants belonging to 71 families have provided this small wetland area with an wide range of biodiversity which fetch  this area a " Sanctuary" status in 1991. An ancient Lord Shiva inside the sanctuary has given this sanctuary a religious importance as well.
But, It is really surprising that inspite of having all these elements, hardly a handful of birder know about it. While Bharatpur ( 52 km from Agra)  is known worldwide , PBS ( 60 km from Agra) remains under a veil. According to Pragati -  " it is the place where I used to go for picnic during my childhood days and it was a great picnic spot for all of us. But is is all ruined now; ironically not even locals (the new generation or people who have migrated) have got any clue about this hidden sanctuary." There is no noticeable initiative on behalf of UP tourism board to promote the place. Most of the bird lovers do not even have the clue about this hidden sanctuary.. by any chance if any one knows about it , then do not know the way to reach out here. The place with all the potential to become a mini Bharatpur has to fight against the stigma of " a robbery prone area" as well. Even fores dept. is not so eager to draw visitors. In comparison to only 50 rupees of entry fee at Bharatpur, one Indian with  ordinary digital camera will have to pay Rs. 530/- to get an entry permit!!
                                           Ruddy  Shel Duck 

How to reach:
PBS is 48 Km from Etah district headquarter,  60 km from Agra, 62 Km from Aligarh district headquarter. Nearest town is Jalesar (8km).

                                                     Bar Headed Goose

Patna Bird Sanctuary: an ignored potential ( Part I)


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