Thursday, February 19, 2009

Gandhisarovar from Kedarnath

We must reach there as early as possible, may be by 8; we decided in our closed door meeting(Plz don't think we had a very confidential meeting!!! we had to close the door to avoid the chilling cold of Kenadrnath.)
3km long route is not so steep, so 2 hours would be fine enough for a very comfortable, lazy walk. So we decided to start around six next morning.But our lady members were pretty reluctant to trek further higher.At least two of them were suffering from ankle problem and blister.So we followed the democratic process and the net outcome was that , we must trek to GANDHI SAROVAR.

Next day, we came out of the warmth of the bulky blankets at 5 in the morning, and we were on our way by 5.45 , covering our whole body under heavy woolen garments. Ratan ,my brother in law, ( eldest of the group)rang the bell of the temple wishing a nice journey. We crossed the river Mandakini and followed the right angel turn from the powerhouse. At 6.10, the first ray of Sun on Mt Kedar proclaimed the start of another pollution free day in the Himalayas.

First ray on Mt Kedarnath 

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